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Elevate decision-making through an AI assisted, thinking and collaboration platform.

The AI revolution is creating unprecedented opportunities.
But taking full advantage of AI’s power is still a challenge.
Unlock your own ability for making the decisions that matter.

The case for better decisions

Today's world is complex

There is too much data "out there", and not enough actionable information.
How can we make sense of complex, multilayered and multifaceted interrelations?
How can we account for our own and other people's biases?
With STS, lead change with confidence, supported by state-of-the-art AI and the latest developments from organizational psychology, neuroscience and cognitive support systems.

The case for ESG

Decisions that matter.

What can be more important than the people, their livelihood, and the planet they live on?
STS founders have made it their personal and professional mission to make this world a better place, with a strong emphasis on sustainability policies and practices.
STS can be used for all sorts of inquiries. Our focus, however, is on supporting Environmental, Social and Governance decisions required to build an organization's ESG Strategic Plan.

Our team

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