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Elevate decision-making through an AI assisted thinking and collaboration platform.Connect with ChatGPT and others for a fraction of the cost, then say goodbye to information overload and hello to increased productivity and efficiency.Seamlessly work with AI and colleagues to achieve your goals faster and more effectively. Tailor the information given to AI, receive more relevant responses, and co-create with AI to accomplish more than ever before.Join us and revolutionize the way knowledge work is done!

“People feel overwhelmed by ChatGPT.
When I saw how STS solves this, it was obvious to me how much more powerful it was. I fell in love immediately!”
- Business consultant

The case for a better way to decide

Leading Change in the age of AI.

AI is both a source of disruptions and a powerful ally to tame the unique challenges of the day.With tried and true change management best practices and cutting-edge cognitive science insights, take your decision-making process to the next level with STS AI-powered Companions.

“We ran a brainstorming session with six professionals from three countries, each with their unique skills and preferences regarding how to tackle an issue.
We were amazed by all that we accomplished in one session, and how STS seamlessly allowed everyone to contribute in its own way.”
- Head of marketing and innovation

The case for Impact

Decisions that matter.

At STS, we are committed to doing good by the people, their livelihood, and the planet they live on.Got an idea on how to make the world a better place? Tell us about it!

“I asked Microsoft Copilot for assistance converting energy figures from various sources. I spotted some mistakes in its answers, then wrestled 30 minutes trying to make it correct them.
I went through the same exercise with STS and got all I needed in 5 minutes.”
- Sustainability expert

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